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'The Nana Quilt' Printed Pattern

'The Nana Quilt' by Five/Five Studio - Printed Pattern

This pattern makes a 64” x 64” sized quilt. It is traditionally pieced and the skill level is recommended for confident beginners!


“It was small things in the beginning. Like if the iron was on, where she put her keys, and the minuscule detail from stories. It snuck into her personality so quietly. My grandmother was a kind, compassionate, patient woman who loved her family well. As we both grew older, the Alzheimer’s grew more in her too. I learned to adapt, walk slower, to tell stories many, many times.

We spent every weekend with her, doing things she liked, trying to be constant, trying to help her remain herself. I am so grateful for our time together, but it was hard to watch her fade away. It was hard to watch the parts of her that were so familiar to me, become fleeting.

The stars in this quilt reflect the familiar qualities of her memory and personality in those last few years of her life. Even though pieces faded away towards the end, the beauty remained.”

“The Nana Quilt” is a quilt dedicated to the awareness of Alzheimer’s. 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.