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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any classes for elementary age kids?
  • Beyond the Bolt has classes for both teenagers and adults. We do not offer kids classes because there are so many great programs in the area designed for kids under 10 years old, we would encourage you to check those out for your young artist.

    For Sewing: Check out the Stitchery in Portsmouth!

    For Art Classes: There are a few great local options! Island Art Spot is in Middletown, RI and Makers is in Warren, RI

Do you have to wear a mask while shopping?
  • Yes! We still require everyone to wear masks in the store when your shopping! 

    We have a lot of people with young families at home, with compromised immune systems, & who are caregivers come into our shop. We want everyone who comes into Beyond the Bolt to feel comfortable & safe to shop & plan out their projects!

How will we know if a class we are taking is canceled due to bad weather?
  • Great question! We will be following the local school schedule. If school, is cancelled then so are we. You will get an email from us in the morning. Your safety is our priority!